torsdag 19. januar 2012

The Trail of Tears - Task 2.

The part which made the strongest impression on me was "The Trail of Tears".
The US Goverment's forced the Indians to remove from their places just because the white people needed it. All the Indians moved whether they agreed to move or not. They had to walk all the way from Georgia to a reservation in Oklahoma. They started to move during the hottest part of year, and many Indians died because the had to drink contaminated water and eat inadeguate food.
When the winter came they were exhausted, and since they didn't have warm clothes many indians died. They just had the blanket the goverment had given them for protection, and som did not have shoes at all! During this long journey almost 4,000 Indians died!
The Indians lost their sacred places, and an important part of their identity was taken from them.

I think this is terrible! I don't understand how the goverment could let children and women walk all the way from Georgia to Oklahoma. They had almost not clothes, no clean food or water, and their lost their culture, places and their culture started disintegrating.

torsdag 29. september 2011

Task week 39 - Florida

Capital: Tallahassee
Big cities: Jacksonville, Miami, Fort. Lauderdale, Orlando.
Geography: Florida became the 27th state of America 3 March 1845.
Climate: It is very hot in Florida, and big hurricanes occur.
History: Florida was named by the explorer Juan Ponce de Leon.
Population: 18 801 210 (2010)

I chose this state because I have actually been in Florida! It was my first trip to another country, and my second flight. It was so nice down there, everything was much bigger, and very different from Norway. It was a big experience for me, and I hope that one day I can go back to sunny Florida!

The capital in Florida is Tallahassee, and some of the famous cities are Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando.

Fil:Flag of Florida.svg

In 1513 Florida was named by the explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. In the 1500's Spanish and French begun to settle in Florida, but violent conflicts appeared, and after a while the English from the north also came into the conflict. Florida became the 27th state of America 3 Marsh 1845.

Florida is the southermost state of all the 50 mainland states. The state borders to Georgia and Alabama in the north. Florida has not any high moutian peaks, so the highest point is Britton Hill, which is 105 meters.

Florida has nice beaches, a famous naturpark named Everglades, and sanctuaries for alligators, which is Florida's trademark. In the summer it is very hot in Florida, which is one of the reasons why the tropical hurricanes occur. Florida also has a hot climate, and is strongly influenced by the sea.

I think Florida is a very nice state. You can do so much there! You can go shopping in big shoppingcenters, visit Disneyworld in Orlando, drive to Key West or prehaps visit one of the alligatorparks?

Here are some pictures from Florida:

On our way to Key West, we svam with dolphins! On this picture I kissed the youngest dolphin.

Look how cute they are!


torsdag 8. september 2011

About me :-)


My name is Merethe, and I am 14 years old. I have blond hair and blue-green eyes.
In my sparetime I like to be with friends and listen to music. I also go to Team 3 times in the week, which is a gym.
I have a mum, a dad, and a little brother named Lars Håkon. I also got a cute little cat. He is black and 6 years old. His name is Pusa, and perhaps the most beautiful cat in the world.

This summer was very good! I went to Turkey, and had a great time with my family. I swam every day, got tanned, and had fun! The hotel was so nice, we had all inclusive and ate food almost all the time. It was around 35-40 degrees in the air, and ca. 30 degrees in the wather every day, very hot!

I have also been on my dad's boat in this summer holiday. We bought it in july, so we haven't got so much time to be on the sea, but next year we want to stay for 3 weeks :-)

In the furture I want to get a good education, so I can get a good job! I try to do my best in school, because I know one day all the hard work is worth something.